Iron King

Fusion F2CC Iron King

This customized unit holds a candle second to none for its awesome performance.

It has inboard Air Injection that compliments a proprietary media that will deal with up to 20 ppm of iron, manganese and H2S smell in the water.

Fusion F2CC Iron King does not use nasty chemical precipitants and will clean itself approximately every 3 days and use approximately 92 US gallons per regeneration . Most other similar units will consume upwards of 125 to 150 US gallons per regeneration cycle.

Service is relatively easy and most home owners could perform this task themselves with little instruction.

A water chemistry test and evaluation is required before committing to supplying this unit for your water treatment needs.

  • Single Tank system requires small physical footprint to save space
  • Pre Programmed settings to maximum performance and ensure maximum water efficiency
  • Limited maintenance
  • Does not require pre treatment with Air Injectors, Venturi’s or Micronizers that can plug up with iron and hard water deposits
  • No expensive Air Pumps to replace or repair
  • Removes dissolved and precipitated iron and manganese
  • Eliminates H2S smell instantly
  • Best of all Chemical Free